Meet Sophia The Great

STEAM is an educational method to learning that includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. What students are to get out of STEAM are to take risks, engage in all different types of learning, as well as being creative all at the same time.  STEAM originated as STEM, however, the A was added for art, […]

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Digital Storytelling fun!

  Digital storytelling is using computer based tools to create a story. They are short videos which are narrated to provide a short lesson for your students. The benefits of digital storytelling are great for both teachers and students. Digital storytelling benefits students because the students are still learning a lesson however they are learning […]

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Buncee Jumping!

Buncee is a creative tool for both students and teachers to learn and teach classroom material. Buncee is almost the same as Microsoft Powerpoint, however, it’s fun, creative, easier to manage, but to top it off it’s even educational! The topic of my Buncee assignment is the months of the year, the purpose of this […]

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Welcome to my technology blog, I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester for all the things we have in store for our class.

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