Buncee Jumping!

Buncee is a creative tool for both students and teachers to learn and teach classroom material. Buncee is almost the same as Microsoft Powerpoint, however, it’s fun, creative, easier to manage, but to top it off it’s even educational! The topic of my Buncee assignment is the months of the year, the purpose of this Buncee is for my kindergarten students to be able to learn the months of the year and to be able to recognize and say the months in the correct order. My students will also learn the month and the different things that are associated with each month. By using my Buncee, I will show my students slides, each slide with a different month and ask them to identify what is associated with that month. I will also show a video of the months. At the end of my lesson I will review with my students by asking them to say the months in order out loud as well as asking them questions of what was in each month. This lesson will test my students cognitive learning skills by critically thinking. This lesson will also test my students affectively, I believe this because students may disagree with what I have included in the months and they may add on what they know is associated with that month. This Buncee will test psychomotor skills, I will review with my students and allow them to color in the months and play games. The ISTE-S standard that I wanted to mainly focus on was “Empowered Learner” which is students leverage technology to take on an active role in choosing, achieving, and demonstrating competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences. I specifically chose this standard because I will ensure that my students take on a great role during this lesson and be able to get to their goals. Another standard I would choose is “Creative Communicator”, I would pick this because I will ensure that my students will clearly express themselves creatively during this lesson like I have done while making my Buncee presentation.

Take a look at my Buncee presentation below!



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