Digital Storytelling fun!


Digital storytelling is using computer based tools to create a story. They are short videos which are narrated to provide a short lesson for your students. The benefits of digital storytelling are great for both teachers and students. Digital storytelling benefits students because the students are still learning a lesson however they are learning in a shorter period. Also, students benefit because teachers are bringing fun into the classroom. Digital storytelling allows students to engage in the lesson instead of just listening to a boring lecture. It also is great for sharing and collaborating, “One of the greatest strengths of digital storytelling is the ability to share it with others instantly. Sharing might consist of showcasing student creations, or sending a message out to the world. Students can also work together on projects remotely or get feedback from their peers.”. I think this is perfect because not only does it impact the students in your classroom but it can also affect students around the world as well if you allow to publically share your digital story.

My digital story was a lesson that taught synonyms and antonyms, my intended purpose was for my students to be able to identify and be able to understand the difference between a synonym and an antonym.

Objective: Given a digital story, students will be able to understand opposites and relate the opposites to words with similar but not identical meanings.

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.4.1.C Use modal auxiliaries (e.g., can, may, must) to convey various conditions

ISTE-T Standard – designer – employ instructional design principles to crate online, blended, mobile, and face-to-face learning environments that engage and support learning.

Some skills that I have used during creating my digital story included critical thinking, designing, and creative writing. While creating my digital story I learned that it is good to think highly of yourself and know that you are capable of doing anything you push yourself to do. Also, I learned that I can add technology to my classroom to help my students have fun in the classroom as well as engage them by doing something that isn’t done often in the classroom during a lesson.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.51.25 PM

Author, G. (2016, December 23). 6 Reasons You Should Be Doing Digital Storytelling with Your Students. Retrieved March 14, 2017, from



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